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SUUR Water Goals:
2. To Promote Local Artists
3. To Support Global Goals for Sustainability.


SUUR Water is the source of investment. By choosing our mineral water you not only invest in your own health but also support Ukrainian artists who create exclusive labels as well as the entrepreneurs whose start-ups we are going to invest into.

SUUR Water is an international project. We started the production of the first conceptual water in the world nearby Hamburg in Husum, wherefrom the name of the project originates. In one of the German dialects "suur" means exactly what we are looking for all over the world – "clean water". The first bottle of SUUR Water appeared in Ukraine in November 2016 when we started extracting water from Pomiretske deposit in Truskavets, lying at the depth of over 50 meters.

Exclusive label collections designed by artists make every bottle of SUUR Water a real piece of art. Two series of labels have already been launched in Ukraine for the time being: multi-colored "fancy beasts" created by the team of TM "Dyvooo" and a strict range of prints by the famous Ukrainian designer Fedor Vozianov.



The proceeds from the water sale form the investment fund of SUUR Water. We created our project in order to support the promising ideas of young Ukrainian entrepreneurs in such fields as IT, fashion technologies, agrarian industry.

In the fall of 2017, the first all-Ukrainian SUUR Water startups competition will be held. The winners selected by the jury will receive not only the necessary funding but also comprehensive support of the world's leading business experts. We plan to outreach to the representatives of leading investment companies – ACCEL Partners (London/ San Francisco/ Tel Aviv), INDEX Ventures (London), Menlo Ventures (San Francisco), Active Partners (Hamburg/ Barcelona).







"SUUR Water - SUURely SEXY"



SUUR Water supports the UN global goals adopted in 2015 and promotes their implementation. That is why our art labels feature colorful squares that popularize various ideas, of environmental protection in particular. Guided by them, we use only environmentally friendly containers – glass. Still and low-carbonated mineral SUUR Water is bottled in glass bottles of 0.33 l and 0.5 l.

Moreover, SUUR Water initiates activities aimed at plastic recycling. For example, the collection of plastic caps from the bottles being recycled in Ukraine has been already launched in Lviv.